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Chardham 2021 Update

Uttarakhand Chardham Latest Update

High Court ordered to ban Chardham Yatra till 18 August, instruction to State Goverment

Nainital Highcourt on Wednesday 28-July has issued an ordered to ban Chardham Yatra till 18-Aug-21 on the hearing of appeal raised by State Government of Uttarakhand which is still pending in Supreme court of  India. No decision has been taken on the matter Chardham Yatra as by Supreme Court of India. Next hearing will be on 18-Aug on this case.

This decision came out on Wednesday as it was scheduled in. High Court has decided not to conduct any spiritual gatherings till further decision from the court. In regards as even Kanwar Yatra 2021 has already been banned by Government and High court.

Court has strongly reprimanded State Government on not following Covid instruction  in the state. Tourist places like Nainital , Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar was all jam packed on last long weekends. People were rushing towards these tourist places to enjoy without even knowing about criticality of the situation.Traffic and Police departments were seen helpless when places were all crowed.  

Later the situation was under controlled when Government has banned all the major sightseeing places and instructed tourist. Apart of this High court has ordered State Government and Health advisory on what will be the plan of action of precautions and preparations on vaccine related to new variant Delta Plus and instructed Government to take necessary measure required against Covid-19.

Various few other instruction given by High Court are

  • State Government has to update on Health infrastructure regarding paediatrics wards and ventilators in Government hospitals
  • Anti Spitting and Anti Littering Act 2016 has to be strictly implemented in state and should have compliance report on it.
  • Government is advised to make publicities on vaccination in the state in order to make people completely aware about the advantage of vaccinations and its importance.
  • District Magistrate (DM) of respective district has make arrangements at their home for differently abled people who cannot reach to the vaccination centers for vaccination. Either camps will be set up for these peoples and proper care will be taken care of.
  • Court has been ordered to submit an audit report on current status on capacity and facility on ambulances in the state.
  • Announcements on raising stipend for intern doctors and about the post vacant for ward boys, staff nurses and support staff.

People are upset with the decision

Traders, Hoteliers and small business owners are so upset with this decision taken by the High Court but they are pressurising Government to open chardham Yatra, chardham is considered the major sector in Tourism business of Uttarakhand. Banning Chardham Yatra is affecting the life of locals as they are entirely depended on tourism.

Hotel Association and people associated  will be making a symbolic demonstration in Kedar ghati regarding their demands. A four pointer demands has been made by the association regarding opening Chardham Yatra, Waiver on electricity and water bills, moratorium and interest waiver on bank loans, economic package to business owners such as hotels, lodges, shop owners, restaurant owner, horse owners and other labours.

Trade Association said if these demands were acted upon, they were forced to launch a violent agitation.Hotel Association Secretary said, we have submit several memorandums but Government is not taking action in favour of the people.

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