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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. Cancellation and No-Show Fees:

  • 1.1 Cancellation Fee: Users may cancel a confirmed ride, but a cancellation fee may apply if the cancellation occurs within 4 Hours before the scheduled pickup time.
  • 1.2 No-Show Fee: A no-show fee may be charged if the passenger is not at the designated pickup location within 1 Hour after the driver’s arrival.

2. Service Disruptions:

  • In the event of service disruptions due to factors beyond our control (e.g., traffic, weather, or unforeseen circumstances), refunds will not be issued. However, alternative arrangements or rescheduling may be considered.

3. Vehicle Conditions:

  • If a taxi does not meet the expected standards of cleanliness or safety, passengers may be eligible for a refund. Please report any issues promptly to our customer support team.

4. Fare Calculation Discrepancies:

  • If passengers believe there is an error in the fare calculation, they must provide evidence of the discrepancy. Refunds or adjustments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. Payment Issues:

  • Refunds will be issued in the case of payment processing errors, double charges, or other financial discrepancies. Users should contact our customer support team to resolve such issues.

6. Policy Changes:

  • Devbhumi Taxi Service reserves the right to modify this refund policy. Any changes will be communicated through our website or other official channels, and the updated policy will apply to future transactions.

7. Contact Information:

  • For refund inquiries, concerns, or dispute resolution, please contact our customer support team at or 9760839379.

8. Review of Policies:

  • It is the responsibility of users to review and understand this refund policy before booking a ride. Use of our services implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

This refund policy is effective as of 1-01-2024 and may be updated without prior notice.



If you are eligible for refunds based on the “Cancellation and Returns” policy above, then the refund will be remitted back to you in 5-7 working days. In case of any issues, write to us at or call us at 9760839379.

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